Management (Portsmouth, VA)

Herb Haneman, President and CEO
Kevin Burnette, Chief Operating Officer
Jim Ackelson, Vice President/ Chief Financial Officer
Chris Gould, Parts, Service; Sales Marketing Manager
Danny Dixon, Vice President of Parts Operations
Chuck Gould, Vice President of Sales Operations
Tim Greedan, Vice President of Service Operations
Chris Craddock, General Manager, On Highway
George Rogic, Director of Marketing

Beaufort, NC

Rick Ezell, Operations Manager/ General Service Manager-Marine
Gaston Davis, Service Manager

Canton, OH

Mike McElwain, Operation Manager
Chad Wells, Territory Sales Manager
John Shott, Branch Parts & Service Sales

Charlotte, NC

Josh Falcone, Power Generation Sales General Manager
Paul Herrera, Project Manager

Greensboro, NC

Danny Smith, Territory Manager
Phil Hilton, Service Sales Rep – Power Generation

Lost Creek, KY

Scott Stacey, Operation Manager

Manassas, VA

John Beavers, Operation Manager
Eric Peterson, Branch Service Manager – Power Generation
Joe Cintella, Rental Generator Territory Manager
Hans Miller, Branch Parts & Service Sales
Danny Hoosier, Service Sales Rep – Power Generation
Kris Harper, Generator Sales

Portsmouth, VA

Fred Goodrich, Rental Generator Territory Manager
Bill Gould, Inside Sales Manager
Mike Worrell, Branch Service Manager
Jimmy Sitterson, Branch Parts Manager
David Shook, Sales Application Engineer
Butch Simonetti, Generator Rental Manager
Tim Walters, Marine Sales Manager
Ken Cotte, Commercial Sales Manager
Estrella Underwood, Inventory Control Manager
Britt Mckibben, Off Highway Marine Service Manager

Richmond, VA

David Carter, Branch Service Manager
Jerry Headley, Branch Parts & Service Sales
Bruce Rae, Generator Sales
Mark Green, Branch Parts Manager

Roanoke, VA

Garry Finney, Branch Parts Manager
Jim Martin, Territory Manager

South Charleston, WV

Curtis Bartlett, Operations Manager
David Hammonds, Branch Parts Manager
Justin Randle, Branch Parts & Service Sales

St. Clairsville, OH

Rich McClelland, Operation Manager