Tim Walters

Marine Sales Manager

Tim WaltersTim Walters began his marine career in 1979 at Norfolk Shipbuilding and Drydock Corp in Norfolk, VA (NSDD). He served there in the apprenticeship program until 1982 when he graduated as a marine electrician. In 1983, he started working in the Yacht Engine Division for NSDD as a mechanic where he performed different tasks like rebuilding engines and transmissions. In 1987, Tim took over as the department manager of the NORSHIPCO Marine Sales.

In 1999, after WBD purchased the engines division from NSDD and renamed it Engines 1, Tim Walters came on board the WBD team as the Operations Manager for the Engines 1 division. During his time in that position Tim was given many responsibilities like product sales and applications to builders, dealers, and customers.

In 2014, Tim took over as Manager of Marine Sales for the larger engines. His primary focus is on the OEM market in the pleasure and commercial marine segments for new builds and repowers in the eastern region of the WBD territory.