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Replacing filters and cleaning tanks have become acceptable solutions for dealing with poor diesel fuel quality. The fact is that these are early warning signs of seriously degraded fuel quality. Fuel, an organic compound, is susceptible to deterioration just like milk. Water, oxidation, microbes, and chemicals are just a few influences that contribute to the polymerization and stratification of diesel fuel resulting in poor fuel quality, sludge, and acids that destroy engine components and performance. Degraded diesel fuel quality is usually noticed when the color and clarity of fuel has shifted from clear & bright to dark and cloudy. Diesel fuel starts to deteriorate and form solids within 60-90 days after refining. As this change occurs, particulates increase in size and mass causing heavy deposits in filters, sludge forming in tanks and other fuel system components requiring increased maintenance and causing poor engine performance.

Algae-X Smart FPS_DX_clearALGAE-X Fuel Conditioning will reverse the degradation process and restore & stabilize the overall quality of fuels. The patented fuel conditioners work in conjunction with filters and separators to ensure that your fuel is free of particulates, sediments and water. Onboard fuel polishing will help ensure that your engine is getting the best diesel fuel possible and with higher quality fuel going to your engine you can almost see the savings. From increased efficiency, to less down time, to lower fuel injection system repair costs, Algae-X products will work for you.  Visit our FAQ page for answers to commonly asked questions about ALGAE-X products.

A Better Alternative is Through Fuel Polishing

The most commonly used term for treating and/or cleaning diesel fuel is Fuel Polishing. Many manufacturers describe their products that polish your fuel will revert it to usable quality. Many of these processes rely mainly on the addition of chemicals and most of these chemicals deal with microbial contamination and also rely heavily on the use of filtration systems. Some will go as far as working the micron rating of the filter and even adding two or three filters connected in series to deal with fuel “contamination or deterioration”.

Algae-X Smart FPSAlso on the market are unusual filtering media such as paper towels or toilet paper to remove particulates from the fuel. The bottom line is that filters only treat the symptom and DO NOT treat the problem. Chemicals that deal with microbial growth will almost always compound the problem because as these poisons work, they kill the microbes and as the microbes die, they fall to the tank bottom. As this layer of dead microbes is left unattended it continues to thicken eventually causing sludge that could eventually get lodged in the fuel pickup or even worse, render the entire tank useless.

The problem with the diesel fuel contamination that is not solved by chemicals is the accumulation of asphaltines, which is dirt and crude oil molecules left over from the refining process. Asphaltines lead to the formation of bigger clumps of solids, which, if left alone will not completely burn in the combustion chamber of the engine. The first sign of fuel deterioration is loss of engine performance and black smoke in the exhaust. These solids can get so large that they will not pass through the filter leading to more frequent filter changes or a filter that clogs, completely stalling the engine.

But the ALGAE-X unit, when installed in the fuel line or the ALGAE-X Fuel Polishing System when installed on the vessel will break down the clumps and solids, prevent oxidation, stabilize the fuel, and clean up accumulated tank sludge. The results are “Clear & Bright Fuel”, improved filter performance and life, optimal combustion and clean fuel. Deteriorated fuel is restored to usable condition. With regular fuel polishing utilizing the ALGAE-X Fuel Polishing unit, chemical treatments to fight microbial growth is no longer needed, further reducing costs and maintenance, and providing for longer injection equipment life.

algae-x-diagramFuel Polishing Systems from ALGAE-X are more than just a filter. The fuel is pulled in from the tank where it then travels through the LGX unit, which breaks down the clumps of asphaltines and crude into smaller particles. From the LGX magnetic fuel conditioner the fuel then travels to a full flow, low restriction filter. This filter has a very high flow rate and allows high flow of diesel fuel through the system. The fuel then flows through the gear pump at a max rate of 240 gallons per hour. The entire process is controlled by a timer with a maximum time duration of 6 hours. Standard safety features include a vacuum gauge on top of the filter housing for the suction side which allows the operator to easily see the condition of the filter. The filter itself is cleanable for up to five cycles. ALGAE-X systems are available in 12 Volt and 24 Volt DC as well as 120 Volt AC. The “A” model incorporates an alarm panel which will automatically shut the system down in the case of a clogged filter.

Mobile AXI Algae-XAlgae-X has developed a broad range of fuel conditioning and fuel maintenance products for use in on-demand and bulk storage solutions throughout several industries. Their Stationary Diesel Fuel Tank Maintenance Systems are programmable and automated and designed for bulk storage tanks commonly found with back-up and on-demand power generators. These systems are self-contained, stand-alone fuel filtration, separation, and conditioning systems that will remove and prevent the buildup of water, sludge, and contaminants in tanks while eliminating and preventing microbial contamination. The addition of a Stationary Tank Maintenace system will optimize and maintain diesel and bio-fuels, providing maximum sustainability. These systems are also available in a compact set-up for added flexibility in mounting and servicing along with a mobile version which features the same water, sludge and sediment removal abilities in a flexible and compact design.

Complete Fuel Maintenance Solutions

Although Algae-X’s main focus is fuel conditioning and maintenance, they have also developed a superior fuel additive that acts as a catalyst in the diesel fuel to unlock its full potential, leaving less unburned fuel to escape through the exhaust system which helps to prolong the life of the exhaust system and extend the life span of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF). This additive actively cleans all components of the fuel system from the tank to the injectors and even the combustion chamber. Algae-x’s Fuel Catalyst meets EPA standards and can be had in their standard formulation or a Tier 4 compliant formulation.

Western Branch Diesel has the knowledge and expertise to install any ALGAE-X system on a wide variety of vessels, and has even completed installations of large scale ALGAE-X fuel polishers for diesel fuel storage tanks and large back-up and off-grid diesel generator systems.