Allison Transmission

Allison Transmissions

Allison Transmission is optimized to deliver transmissions with the best combination of performance, reliability, durability, fuel efficiency and driveline protection for the specific vocation/duty cycle. Our commitment to understand and satisfy your needs drives us to constantly analyze, refine and improve our products and their features. If it’s not Allison, it’s not Optimized.™

Allison Transmission has built a reputation on our ability to build transmissions that last just about forever. That’s why Allison Automatics are the preferred choice for many large and small fleets.

Allison Transmission’s ongoing commitment to quality is most visible on the plant floor. Strict manufacturing guidelines and tolerances control each step in the production line. Once the product leaves the plant, warranty coverage and a strong service network uphold the commitment.

In today’s economy, there’s naturally a concern about what truck components can contribute to reducing fuel consumption. The transmission, as a major driveline component, should be included as an important factor in driveline efficiency. Allison’s commitment to customer satisfaction has led to the release of several features focused on fuel savings.

Productivity translates to maximum cargo, delivered in the least amount of time, with the fewest vehicles and maximum vehicle uptime. Productivity weighed against operating costs yields vehicle cost effectiveness. Many tests have shown that an Allison gets more work done than any other transmission.

Allison Automatics’ smooth, seamless full power shifts not only allow for faster acceleration, they make vehicles more nimble in traffic and easier to maneuver in confined spaces and tight corners. In off-highway applications, Allison Automatics provide smooth, effortless shifting and precise traction control. While manuals and automated manuals cause the drive wheels to dig in and possibly damage the drivetrain, Allison Automatics achieve just the right amount of traction for load and ground conditions — dirt, mud, sand or gravel.

Rugged Duty Series

Suited for any vehicle that operates on/off highway and/or requires PTO operation. View construction, services or refuse applications.

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Highway Series

Designed to meet all the horsepower needs of strictly on-highway vehicles that do not require PTO operation.

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Hybrid Bus

One of the most dependable and efficient hybrid systems at work anywhere in the world.

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Bus Series

Ideally suited for Federal Transit Authority (FTA) funded transit properties, FTA-like transit properties and tour coaches exceeding 33,000 lbs GVW.

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Pupil Transport/Shuttle Series

Suited for school bus, shuttle bus and other select non-school applications.

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Motorhome Series

Designed to provide enhanced performance and exceptional value to the motorhome market.

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Emergency Vehicle Series

Offers a complete family of automatic transmissions to meet the special needs of fire and emergency vehicles.

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Specialty Series

Provides extended torque range, higher GVW capacity and advanced electronic controls to get the most performance out of higher horsepower engines. Suited for military, tactical, combat and support vehicles.

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Truck RV Series

Specifically designed to provide more power and more performance for truck recreational vehicles.

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Oil Field Series

Designed and built for the rigors of oil field operations; certified for well servicing rig propulsion and auxiliary power applications.

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Off Highway

Designed for off-highway hauling applications.

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Military Series

Designed for light duty or heavy duty tracked defense vehicles, these transmissions feature a cross-drive design that integrates steering and braking into one compact and rugged unit.

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Tractor Series

Led by the new TC10, these transmissions offer fleets the uncompromising quality, reliability and durability of Allison fully automatic transmissions, while increasing overall fuel economy.

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