Gillette Generators

Hurricanes, Ice Storms, Wind Storms, Power line faults and even over-loaded electric grids can happen anytime, disrupting utility power to our home or small business. With standby emergency electric power, your family stays warm. Refrigerators, freezers, lights, TV sets, sump pumps or water pumps keep on working. Office equipment, communications and security systems are also vital to remain on line and operating. Whatever the utility power loss reason and whatever the season, the Gillette “SENTRY PRO” emergency electric power system is there for you, ready to deliver dependable and clean emergency electric power.


A microprocessor, digital controller continuously monitors utility power. When the normal power fails, this controller turns the generator on. When normal power returns, the generator shuts itself down. The best part; it’s all automatic, with no operator needed. An automatic engine exerciser is part of the system. Its job is to automatically start and run the engine for 15 minutes, each week. This “exercising” will insure a perfectly operating generator set, when you need it most.

Gladiator Home Generator Systems

The Gladiator Home Generator System allows you to use your portable Gillette Generator as a standby emergency power source for your home or small business. It eliminates hazardous power drop cords running randomly through doors or windows and outdoors to a gen-set. It prevents dangerous emergency power back-feed to utility lines and conforms to UL certification and local electrical codes.


After your home generator system is installed, operation is easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Move generator to an outside location and plug generator into the all weather power inlet box.
  2. Start the generator set.
  3. Go to the installed transfer switch & turn on selected loads.

Gen-Pro Generators

Change, both rapid and constant, is normal in today’s advancing technology. New and improved methods are being developed at a record pace.

Not only has gen-pro® kept up with these new and improved methods, we have also leaped forward with our own unique and exclusive designs.

Gillette offers a series of heavy duty, large kw, standby generators for business and industry. New innovations are constantly reviewed and adopted into our generator design, to improve on performance, appearance, ease of operation and above all, the reduction of operating noise. The total cost compared to quality received is believed to be the best available bargain.

  • Sp series: 18 thru 150 kw standby generators designed for lpg or natural gas fuel.
  • Spjd series: 15 thru 225 kw generators designed for diesel fuel.
  • Top quality engines are used: general motors (gm) for dry fuel, john deere for diesel.
  • All standby sets are available in open design (for special applications), standard weather housing or super-silent weather housing.