John Deere

John Deere Engines

John Deere specializes in rugged off-highway diesel engines that power agriculture, construction, forestry, mining, generator drive, marine, and thousands of other applications around the world. John Deere manufacturers a broad range of diesel engines with power ratings ranging from 40 to 600 horsepower for their line of industrial diesel engines, and 75 to 750 horsepower for their marine diesel engines.

With a heritage spanning 175 years, John Deere has seen a great many changes in its business, its products, and its services. With change comes opportunity, and John Deere has always been ready and willing to embrace that change. Yet, through it all, John Deere is still dedicated to their customers and always remembers their founder’s original core values: integrity, quality, commitment and innovation.

John Deere operates several factories around the world where their engines, drivetrain components and equipment is manufactured. One of their largest facilities is located in Dubuque, Iowa and stretches over one mile in length on 1,465 acres. This facility manufacturers equipment for the construction and agricultural industries along with winches and components for various off-highway heavy equipment products. This factory also houses their technical assistance center and dealer marketing assistance center.