Mercedes-Benz is one of the most decorated, best-selling automotive brands worldwide. Composed of progressive designs and ingenuity that holds uncompromising quality, Mercedes-Benz has created an unmistakable dynamic form within the marketplace. Their range of products have a rapid acceptance in all applications from on-highway and vocational to industrial and military.

Western Branch Diesel is a proud distributor of MBE (Mercedes-Benz Engines) in both on-highway and industrial markets.

Truck Engines

MBE 900

This series of inline four or six cylinder diesel engines are typically used in medium duty automotive buses or trucks. Known for their quietness with reduced noise emissions, the 900 provides great precision and competence that are highly sought after.

MBE 4000

The 4000 series MBE features increased productivity with reduced operating costs, that are fully capable of pulling the load. These engines are stronger and lighter, and are proven quieter than most.

Industrial Engines

Mercedes-Benz Industrial diesel engines are manufactured on a a large scale and their advantages have been proven in decades of operation under the most diverse condition, all over the world. More than 400,000 diesel engines are manufactured annually at various factories, including those used in the company’s own vehicle production.
The range is made up of three different series:

  • 300 series comprising 4 and 6 cylinder inline engines
  • 400 series with 6, 8, 10 and 12 cylinder V-engines and 6 cylinder inline engines
  • 600 series, consisting of 4 and 5 cylinder inline engines