ZF Marine

ZF Marine Propulsion Systems has been a leader in driveline technology for the past 100 years. Their high-performance propulsion systems offer the control, reliability, and operating speed that’s required for optimal comfort and maneuverability. Over 20 years ago, ZF Marine became the largest supplier of marine transmissions, propellers, surface drives, and controls in the world.

ZF Marine supplies a full line of single and two speed transmissions from ones used with twenty-seven horsepower engines all the way up to massive transmissions that can handle fourteen thousand horsepower. This diverse power-handling ability allows ZF gears to be used in a variety of different applications and to offer replacements and alternatives to other manufacturer’s transmissions.



Pleasure Duty

ZF Marine’s Pleasure Series transmissions offer a lightweight and robust alloy with output suitable for highly intermittent operations that vary in engine speed and power. Applicable mainly for private, non-charter, leisure activities, and non-racing crafts. Average engine operation hours limit: 500 hours/year.

Light Duty

ZF Marine’s Light Series transmissions offer maximized capability for intermittent operations with large variations in engine speed and power. Typical applications include private and charter boats, government applications, sport/leisure activities. Average engine operation hours limit: 2500 hours/year.

Medium Duty

ZF Marine’s Medium Series transmissions are suitable for high performance applications in all types of fast craft, luxury motoryachts, crew boats, and patrol vessels. Their precisely ground gear teeth provide for a long life and smooth running experience. Average engine operation hours limit: 4000 hours/year.

ToughGear Series

ZF Marine’s ToughGear Series represents a select group of transmissions, designed and built for the most rigorous duty cycles. ZF understands the demands that are placed on a vessel’s propulsion system and recognize that it’s maximum uptime is paramount for leisure and business. This series utilizes the very best engineering components and a state of the art tooth design to accommodate high load capacities for extended operating cycles.