Continuous Natural Gas Power Systems

Natural Gas Power Systems from MTU Onsite Energy can be designed and deployed to generate up to three solutions (electricity, heating, and cooling) with a single onsite system, using natural gas or biogas as a fuel source.

Co-generation & Tri-generationWhether you require one genset, or a multi-unit turn-key system, your gas power solution is custom engineered and built to match your unique business needs. Western Branch Diesel & MTU Onsite Energy is with you every step of the way, from the upfront economic analysis through the installation, operation, and service. Our solutions are affordable and flexible – they run on natural gas, biogases and various other gases with lower emissions. For example, we’ve produced energy solutions for farms, landfill sites, and sewage plants powered by their own biogas. We can help you generate independent power, or in combination with your public utility service.


Series 400 Trigeneration SystemMTU Onsite Energy Gas Power Systems offer a versatile power range, from the lean series 400, to the very robust series 4000. Now besides electricity, let’s say you need local heating – you could benefit from Cogeneration – we call this system Combined Heat and Power. Our systems reclaim thermal energy through exhaust gases, which reach several hundred degrees. But suppose you operate a food processing facility or a manufacturing plant, you may need electricity and heat, plus cooling… MTU Onsite Energy Trigeneration uses sophisticated absorption technology to simultaneously provide a cooling solution.

MTU OE Series 4000

Series 4000

Electric Output 760-2130 kW

MTU OE 400 Series

Series 400

Electric Output 128-358 KW

Although we can’t create energy, we can help you harness the remarkable benefits of gas power systems with MTU Onsite Energy.

Major Features:
  • Single Source
  • Custom Design & Engineering
  • Off-Grid Solutions
  • On-Grid Solutions
  • Combined Heat & Power
  • Cogeneration
  • Trigeneration
  • MTU Module Control
  • MTU ValueCare
  • Economical
  • Reliable
  • Clean
  • Independent
  • Natural Gas, Biogases, Other Sources
  • Manufacturing meets all ISO standards

Western Branch Diesel is the authorized sales & service provider for MTU Onsite Energy Continuous Gas Power products for all of Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina and the southeast regions of Ohio and Kentucky.

Continuous Gas Products Territory