Apartment and Office Buildings

GR12V400062Office Building Trigeneration Application

Location: Melbourne, Australia
Engine Platform: GR12V400062
Electrical output: 1165 kWe
Heat rate: 4300 kBTU/h

Trigeneration application for office building in a roof top installation.


District Heating Station Application

Location: Garmisch, Germany
Engine Platform: GR16V4000L62
Electrical output: 1560 kWe
Heat rate: 5865 kBTU/h

Includes separately installed exhaust heat exchanger to maximize heat output

data centerData Center Trigeneration Application

Location: Wiesbaden, Germany
Engine Platform 2x GC232N5
Total Electrical output: 464 kWe
Total Heat rate: 3310 kBTU/h
Total Cooling output: 1604 kBTU/h

Trigeneration application for a data center
Operating Hours >8000/year

GC356N5Municipal Power Plant Application

Location: Albstadt, Germany
Engine Platform: 2x GC356N5
Total Electrical output: 712 kWe
Total Heat rate: 4050 kBTU/h

Provides electricity and heat for the municipality including heating for public swimming pool