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Apprentice Completes Technician Apprentice Program in Manassas, VA

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Indel created the Technician Apprenticeship Program to fill a need for more technicians by offering a training path to a rewarding career with no experience required. This is exactly what appealed to Hailey Bergsrud, now a Technician at Johnson Truck Center, an Indel Power Group company, and recent graduate of the Technician Apprenticeship Program, who was looking to begin a new career.

Before joining Johnson Truck Center in October 2021, Hailey worked in the fitness industry; however, she was unable to move further in her field without attending a four-year program. To avoid the time and cost associated with a four-year degree, Hailey began searching for apprentice programs in a new field.

“I knew I was looking for a new opportunity in a trade-based job that kept me moving, brought constant change, and gave me challenges every day. It was also important to find an industry that wasn’t going anywhere. Trucks and the technology related to them are always evolving, so there’s
always something new to learn,” Hailey says when describing her career search.

When Hailey found the Johnson Truck Center Technician Apprentice position on a job site, the description was everything she was looking for in a new career. Hailey applied and was offered the position, working alongside Chris Diaz, Service Manager, and Chris Martin, Foreman, at Johnson Truck Center Manassas.

From their first meeting, Chris Diaz was impressed by Hailey’s determination. He noted that “Hailey is someone that came into a male dominated industry with a passion to prove herself, put in the work, learn something new, and get the job done.”

Chris Martin, who served as Hailey’s mentor in the program, describes Hailey as “someone that’s always eager to learn. She picks up things on the first attempt and is quickly able to perform tasks independently. She doesn’t need a lot of repetition to learn a new skill.”

Diaz goes on to mention the benefits the program has had on the Service Department. He acknowledges that “it takes a bit of time up front to teach someone new but the future benefit of having a well-trained employee with a positive attitude and strong desire to work is worth the investment.”

Hailey graduated the program three months ago, becoming a C-level technician and has begun training as an Express Assessment Technician. She explains “in express assessment you work backwards from the failure point to find the root of the problem. It’s introducing me to different areas of diesel technology since you never know what’s going to come in the shop.”

As of her one-year anniversary with the company this October, Hailey has completed almost all her Freightliner training and, following instructor led training this November, she will have earned her Expert Certification. She is also on her way to completing eight different Cummins engine courses.

When asked where she hopes to be in a few years regarding her career, she remarked, “I hope I’m still here at Johnson Truck Center, ideally as one of our top express assessment technicians, and more confident and self-sufficient.”