Marine Service

Keeping You Out of Rough Waters

Whether you’re getting routine maintenance work before a family outing or broken down at the docks during a job, trust in us to service your marine equipment to keep you safe on the water. We offer emergency services, routine maintenance, and repowers performed by professionally trained technicians to ensure your systems keep you afloat.

Knowledgeable Staff

Regularly trained in the latest technology, our service professionals supply quality service.

Mobile Service Fleet

Our emergency mobile service fleet is available 24/7 for quick repairs at any time, wherever you may need help.

Peace of Mind

We treat every engine like it’s our own. Trust in our service team to take care of you and all your service needs.

Modern Technology

Our service centers are equipped with state-of-the-art tools and technology to tackle any challenge that comes our way.


24/7 On-site Service

Breakdown on the job or at the dock? Our fleet of mobile parts and service vehicles come to your location. Trained to handle any emergency repair, our specialized service team will take care of your systems.


Single Point of Contact

We believe in one single point of contact on land, so you know exactly who is caring for your engine. Trust in us to be your one and only contact for all your support and service needs.


Factory-certified Marine Technicians

Maintenance and repair work is done by technicians who are certified and regularly trained in the latest technologies. State-of-the-art tooling and equipment help our techs complete all challenges.


Repower Specialists

Not ready to replace your equipment? Reduce costs over the long term by prolonging the life of your engine by upgrading your systems to modern, fuel-efficient technology.

At Western Branch Diesel, we take pride in our work. So much so, that we offer a free, six-month warranty on workmanship.

Need assistance?

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