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mtu Tech @ Tournament Program — Success!

Technician wearing a Tech @ Tournament t-shirt

This summer, Western Branch Diesel and Johnson & Towers, part of Indel Power Group, provided on-site support at five fishing tournaments along the East Coast. With a fully trained technician available for the duration of the tournament, he was prepared to handle service needs, including oil and fuel filter changes, minor leak repair, and other parts replacement.

No matter the engine type, the technician offered a free inspection and handled most any request, with parts on hand for service able to be performed at the dock. If a part was not on hand, a parts order was placed for delivery through the 24/7 service.

“The value of having our technician at these tournaments is that they are right there on the dock, first thing, and also when the fishing boats return in the afternoon,” said David Shook, General Manager-Marine Service for Indel Power Group. “While the boats are out on the water, owners can call in by phone or radio throughout the day. Our technician can provide diagnostics by phone and then be ready at the dock when the boat arrives to make a repair.”

When the boats are out on the water, the technician can give instruction for something as simple as testing an issue and then rebooting, or when it’s a larger, more detrimental problem, he can tell them to return to the dock. “Sometimes if it’s a performance issue and they’re not getting full RPM’s, it’s just recommending a filter change,” said Britt McKibben, Marine Service Foreman, Western Branch Diesel. “If it’s a more complex problem, we’ll bring in parts overnight, if needed, and make repairs immediately so competitors don’t have to miss a day.”

During the lay day or in the evening, the technician is able to take a look at all problems, and offer a free, visual inspection. Western Branch Diesel keeps parts such as water pumps, hoses, and filters available during the entire tournament schedule. Any future repairs or parts ordered during that time receive a discount.

“This year, it went well with no real issues. We received lots of positive feedback from boat owners and captains about the services we provide. mtu sponsors this program and it’s been highly successful,” says Shook. “Their engines were very dependable during the tournament and had no major occurrences.”

Over the past few years, the mtu Tech @ Tournament program has thrived along the East Coast, and is active in the Caribbean, Gulf Coast, Mexico, and Costa Rica as well. With such positive feedback from our mtu customers, we look forward to many more years of supporting and servicing customers through the Tech @ Tournament program.