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MTU Tier 4 Engine Improves Customer Profitability


The mtu Series 4000 Tier 4 engine is the only fracking engine on the market with no aftertreatment needed. The engine models available are the 12V4000T95 (2,250-2,600HP) and 16V4000T95 (3,000-3,200HP), with a choice of 2,250 to 3,000 bhp.

The engine features an integrated, cooled exhaust gas recirculation with two-stage turbo charging, which provides full-power output at high altitudes and temperatures, quick load pickup, and design flexibility of the exhaust piping system. The 4000 series offers an excellent power-to-weight ratio and is proven in the field.

“Everything’s been positive as far as feedback for this engine,” says Mike McElwain, Regional Off-Highway Service Manager, Western Branch Diesel. “This engine has great fuel economy, low maintenance costs, and performs well. It’s a great engine for all fracking industries, mine haul trucks, and any oil and gas application.”

Western Branch Diesel has been selling and supporting this engine for the past few years and has many of these units running successfully in the field. The engine has proven technology that is cost effective with no additives needed for emission control, and has lower lifecycle costs, exceptional durability and reliability, providing more uptime for the owner.

Chad Wells, Territory Manager, Western Branch Diesel, works with customers on design and build of engines for all applications to make sure they are getting exactly what they need. “The mtu Tier 4 engine is a versatile engine. It’s perfect for fracking, but can be used in marine and rail formats. It’s got good power range, doesn’t require aftertreatment, and is clean burning, with no particulate-type filter.”

These factors contribute to low cost of ownership and drive up customer profitability. The engine reaches full power in about eight seconds and has the ability to maintain full power at high altitude, up to 13,000 feet above sea level, allowing it to work almost anywhere.

“Customers tell us the engine pumps harder than others on the market. It has best-in-class fuel efficiency. Some customers are seeing a 15% reduction in fuel consumption compared to other engines,” says Dave Bosco, mtu Senior Sales Manager, Oil and Gas.

The engine was first on the market in 2017 and is based off an existing engine that’s been in the field since 2010. The 4000 series can run 1,500 hours before needing an oil change, compared to the 750 hours typical for most engines.

Western Branch Diesel offers a large inventory of parts along with factory-trained technicians who offer service for the mtu 4000 series engine in the field. Contact our Industrial + Oil & Gas sales team to learn more.