Power Generation

Any loss of power is critical. A power failure can lead to loss of data, productivity, or even loss of life. Our power generation products ensure power is available when you need it most.
Data Cente

Data Centers

With businesses relying on data centers for daily operations, outage costs can reach up to $5 million. It’s essential to have backup systems to keep production, research, and development functions on-line.


Just a few seconds without power can cause a rippling effect throughout a healthcare setting. We supply solutions that will reduce the impact brought about by events and circumstances beyond anyone’s control.
sewage treatment

Public Works

Without reliable backup power, key systems that serve your community are at risk. Our dependable backup solutions keep those systems operational and your community’s needs unaffected during an outage.
Office Building

Commercial Office

Blackouts can shut down a commercial facility for an indefinite amount of time, causing loss of revenue, data, and productivity. Minimize the risk of lost revenue by investing in a proven backup power solution.
Distribution Center

Distribution Centers

Companies rely on several systems to maintain the quality and integrity of products stored in distribution centers. Backup power solutions ensure that product quality and integrity are never compromised.


Outages could potentially affect the safety and functionality of millions. We offer solutions that protect governments and its citizens by keeping critical systems running during a crisis.

Engineer’s Guidebook

The Engineer’s Guidebook is a portfolio of MTU 60 Hz diesel and gas products and accessories. It includes associated specification sheets, component data sheets, and warranty information, providing a well-rounded view of the MTU product line.


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