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In a world dependent on power, count on Western Branch Diesel to maintain all your power generation systems. We offer comprehensive preventative maintenance services that ensure your systems run the way you expect them to, when needed most.

Power Systems Services


On-site Commissioning & Testing

Highly-qualified experts test your systems to verify they provide exactly what you need. Experts follow protocols to ensure equipment is appropriately integrated and optimized on-site. Additional tasks, such as a power test run, can be performed as a part of our commitment to providing the highest levels of system availability and security.

Customer Service Agreement

Equipped with custom options and service levels, customer service agreements cover everything from oil changes, load testing, ATS/Switchgear maintenance to remote monitoring and fuel delivery. We tailor our mission-critical preventative maintenance services to meet your unique requirements.

Flexible Scheduling

Regular testing is available at your convenience to best fit your schedule to ensure your system operates to your requirements.

Peace of Mind

Experts test your main machine and system values along with other tasks upon request so you can trust your system is in perfect working order.

Preventative Maintenance

Services include fluid analysis, cooling system maintenance, fluid and filter changes, load bank, fuel polishing, fuel delivery, and more.

Low Lifetime Costs

Routine maintenance lowers the chance of unexpected failures; saving on unplanned repair costs and minimizing overall downtime.
At Western Branch Diesel, we take pride in our work. So much so, that we offer a free, six-month warranty on workmanship.

Fuel Polishing & Conditioning


The Case for Fuel Polishing

Diesel fuels are inherently unstable. Subject to natural deterioration caused by water, oxidation, microbial growth, and chemicals, the result is contaminated fuel that may damage the engine and reduce performance.

Fuel Maintenance Solutions

We have the knowledge and ability to install any AXI International large-scale fuel polisher for diesel fuel storage tanks and large back-up and off-grid diesel generator systems.

Stabilize & Restore Fuel Quality

Patented fuel conditioners work with filters and separators to reverse the degradation process, resulting in higher fuel quality.

Lower Costs & Maintenance

Regular fuel polishing decreases the need for chemical treatments and other maintenance work, reducing overall operating costs.

Longer System Lifespan

Routine maintenance ensures consistent and reliable functionality, giving you get the most out of your system.

Maintenance Contracts

Routine maintenance lowers the chance of unexpected failures; saving on unplanned repair costs and minimizing overall downtime.

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