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TAP Participant Takes Steps Towards Success

The first thing on a graduate’s mind after completing their postsecondary education is finding their dream job. For most, the path towards that dream job is not direct and may take extra steps to achieve. Danny Jaume, a Technician at Johnson & Towers, an Indel Power Group company, in Mount Laurel, NJ, experienced this firsthand after graduating from the Universal Technical Institute in Bloomfield, PA.

Danny took a job working on ambulance chassis in a small shop. He was happy to have a job working in his chosen field but felt stuck in his role as he was their only technician. Danny wanted to work alongside other technicians and learn from their experiences. His uncle, who works at a local marina, suggested he look at open positions at Johnson & Towers.

Taking his uncle’s advice, Danny applied for a Marine Technician position. During his interview with Brent Buzby, Service Manager in Egg Harbor, and Dennis Huber, Project Manager and Trainer for Indel Power Group, Danny learned that he was not fully qualified for the role. Brent and Dennis recognized Danny’s potential and suggested that he participate in the Technician Apprentice Program to learn more about diesel technology. Danny realized successful completion of the program could be leveraged to help reach his goal of becoming a marine technician.

“It seemed like the perfect fit. I wanted to learn more, and this program was designed for someone pretty green like I was,” explains Danny. Shortly after the interview, he joined the Egg Harbor team as a Technician Apprentice working with Dennis as his mentor. “You could tell just by talking to him that he’s very technologically savvy. He wants to work, be challenged, and grow. Not a lot of people have that kind of attitude, and that set him apart from everyone else,” says Dennis.

After a few months in Egg Harbor, Danny transferred to the Mount Laurel location and began working on the marine production line. He has proven to be a key asset and plays an essential part in the preparation of engines for Johnson & Towers’ marine customers. When asked about his day-to-day, Danny says, “It’s always different. Engines come in from the factories and we handle everything. We unbox the engines, fit them with custom mounts, hoses, wiring, and more. We complete everything here in Mount Laurel, so the engines are ready to go when delivered to the boat builders.”

Standard production timeline per engine pair is approximately a week and a half from when the engine is dropped off to when it is shipped to the customer and there are always multiple projects running concurrently. “It’s fast paced work, and someone could get flustered very easily. You need to stay organized and be able to multitask,” explains Danny.

Dillon Boyle, Service Manager in Mount Laurel, notes that Danny has shown he can keep up with the job. “The equipment they’re working with is very expensive, so mistakes can’t happen. You need to have a good head on your shoulders to succeed in this time-sensitive, high-pressure side of the business. Danny has proven that he can handle whatever we throw at him. He’s a good all-around technician,” says Dillon.

Danny viewed his transition from On-Highway Service to Marine Production Line as a successful step towards his goal of becoming a marine technician. “Anything the company needs, I want to do it,” he says. “I’m eager to learn on any engine. Whatever I’m working on, I can apply that knowledge to other engine types.”