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Technician Apprentice Reaches One Year Milestone

Indel Power Group launched the Technician Apprentice Program in November 2020. The program was designed to help fill a need in the diesel industry for more technicians by offering young people a direct training path towards a rewarding career opportunity. Our Technician Apprentice Program is not about hiring experienced technicians. It’s about finding someone who has the necessary attributes to learn and succeed. This is exactly what we found in Ryen Tomblin: a former Technician Apprentice and the first to reach one year with an Indel Power Group company.

Before joining the team at Western Branch Diesel, Ryen worked in a fleet maintenance shop near South Charleston, WV. When the shop closed, Ryen found himself out of a job and in search of a new career path. He was familiar with Western Branch Diesel since our parts department had done business with his former employer. He applied for technician positions at the South Charleston location but needed some additional experience and training for all the products serviced by the location.

Having made a positive impression on Derrick Bennett, Service Manager in South Charleston, WV, Derrick recommended Ryen apply to the Technician Apprentice Program where Ryen would learn the skills he’d need to join the team as a technician. After qualifying for the program through interviews with Justin Farley, Director of Technical Support & Training for Indel Power Group, Ryen came onboard as an Apprentice on January 11, 2021.

Looking back on his time in the program, Ryen feels that he learned a lot as an apprentice and gained valuable knowledge and skills by working alongside his peer mentor, Tony Miller, Technician in South Charleston, WV.

“It really helped to work one-on-one with Tony when first starting out. He taught me a lot, especially when it came to working on bigger pieces of equipment. I was able to take those new skills and do more work on my own,” says Ryen.

Ryen’s previous chassis work prepared him well for his new role and he has become an asset to the team.

“Ryen has never been afraid to ask questions. He’s even asked questions that I couldn’t answer. This gave us both the opportunity to learn something and become stronger technicians,” says Tony.

Tony and Ryen have formed a good working relationship and have learned from one another on more than one occasion. Derrick Bennett notes that the program is having a great impact on the Service Department. There is always an opportunity for an Apprentice to work on something in the shops. The program offers on the job training and a set training path after just 90 days providing factory OEM training. Ryen has already completed some Allision Transmission training courses and will begin Detroit and Freightliner Custom Chassis training this year.

“Ryen is a great addition to the team. He fits in with the group and helps make the department better,” says Derrick.