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Volvo Penta D11 Running Smoothly After Five Years

Photo of Water Proof boat on water

Water Proof, a 42-foot, custom-built Northern Bay sportfishing boat, completed in 2016, is running at its best with a Volvo Penta D11, 670-horsepower engine. It features yacht-quality amenities for up to six passengers and two crew, and is perfectly geared for multi-day, long-range fishing trips to catch tuna, swordfish, and mahi-mahi, up to 150 miles offshore. The boat also features a Westerbeke 8kW genset, hydraulic bow thruster, and Simrad electronics.

“I chose the Volvo Penta D11 for Water Proof because I’ve run another boat with a D11 that has great power and reliability. For me, it’s the best choice in the horsepower range that I need,” says Mark DeBlasio, co-owner, Blue Runner Sportfishing. “As the only engine on the boat, I am confident in its reliability and have no hesitations to take it offshore.”

Johnson & Towers, Western Branch Diesel sister company and Indel Power Group company, is DeBlasio’s go-to for routine engine maintenance and repairs. The boat’s engine has about 9,000 hours and is used year-round, with 150-180 trips a year out of New Jersey and North Carolina.

“The D11 is a very robust engine, providing class-leading fuel efficiency and torque across the RPM range. The engine has proven to be extremely reliable in Water Proof, and has only needed basic maintenance over the course of its life,” says JD Messler, Marine Sales Manager, Johnson & Towers. “Besides the fuel efficiency and reliability, it’s also very quiet, which is a plus for Water Proof’s customers.”

Passengers and captains of the boat have both been extremely pleased with the smooth, quiet, and comfortable ride the engine provides. Low noise levels and no visible exhaust fumes make the experience more enjoyable for everyone.

“I’ve had minimal service on this boat. I stay in touch with JD on all my boats for whatever I need,” says DeBlasio. “I can’t find a bad thing to say. It’s the most reliable package we’ve had. I’d recommend a Volvo Penta D11 to other boat owners. We’ve had other engines, and this one is the best.”

DeBlasio has been in the business for 20 years. He has four sportfishing boats, operating charter, and commercial fishing ventures on the East Coast.

For information about Volvo Penta marine engines, contact JD Messler at 609-605-6528.