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Cloud-Based Fleet Maintenance Tool Simplifies Fleet Management

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Maintenance takes time but is a necessary part of running a business that has a fleet, whether it’s one car or 200. Indel Power Group offers comprehensive fleet maintenance services for companies, which will increase vehicle uptime through preventative maintenance and improve operational costs.

“Managing your fleet using our program is a great value to customers. We can provide key information to help you plan for maintenance, identify when vehicles will need to be replaced, show repetitive repairs, and help you control your budget,” says Hank Grahn, Fleet Management Sales Director, On-Highway Sales, Johnson & Towers. “We provide two reports, a weekly preventative maintenance report and a monthly vehicle costing report, which will keep customers current on the status of their fleet.”

The weekly preventative maintenance report explains when vehicles are due for maintenance, for example, an oil change, and offers cycle updates. This is important for a well-maintained fleet which should result in improved overall maintenance costs.

“It takes the onus off the customer and leaves the management to us. Our staff will contact the fleet owner to let them know what’s coming up for specific vehicles. We can handle DOT inspections. We’re very proactive for the customer and will contact them to set up service at our location or theirs,” says Grahn. “Each customer has their own file in our cloud-based, SharePoint system containing inspection reports, repair invoices, and operates as an online DOT file.”

In addition, customers receive a monthly vehicle costing report, which provides spending data on each asset, warranty information, and additional costs associated with a specific vehicle.

“We look at what’s causing the needed repair or repetitive repairs,” says Grahn. “In addition, we take a forward look at what vehicles might need to be replaced in the future, use our budgeting tools, and help customers make educated buying decisions.”

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Christian Garrett, General Manager, Unity Disposal, has 60 vehicles in his fleet, which is managed by Johnson & Towers. He has been using the fleet maintenance program for four years and has seen his maintenance costs flatline.

“Hank and the entire staff have really helped us control our maintenance costs and we are using the helpful tools for record keeping, scheduling, and tracking,” says Garrett. “They help me schedule service, responding in less than 24 hours, and it’s been beneficial in catching potential problems early on, which helps from a safety standpoint. It’s run very smoothly, with no issues.”

Customers have full control and approval over any suggested repairs. Garrett has enjoyed the ease of the having the annual vehicle inspections on file, which helps with company record keeping.

“We want to simplify operations for the customer, offer full visibility into performed maintenance, and help to monitor costs and spending. Our fleet maintenance program will help to accomplish this for the customer,” says Grahn.

To learn more about the fleet maintenance program and how to get started today, contact Hank Grahn at 610-291-0931.

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