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Fleet Management Program Saves Money & Repair Time


Indel Power Group’s Fleet Management Program is the whole package when it comes to managing your company’s vehicles. Their advanced software technology provides a complete plan for your fleet that includes a preventive maintenance schedule, maintaining DOT requirements, handling warranty claims and breakdowns, and providing costing data.

Indel Power Group companies have factory trained technicians by holding dealerships and distributors for FreightlinerWestern StarIsuzuDetroitCumminsCAT and Allison Transmission.

“Our fleet management plans can handle everything. We work with all types of companies, retail, industry, wholesale, manufacturing, etc., to develop a solid fleet management plan for them,” says Hank Grahn, Fleet Management Sales Director, Indel Power Group. “The information and reports we provide are comprehensive, for example, costing data on assets so you can make good buying decisions and implementation of cost-containment measures, which will lower your overall spending.”

When preventive maintenance is needed, companies can plan for it, reducing out of service time and downtime for their vehicles. This makes it easier to budget by vehicle and type of repair. Indel Power Group can help to improve your fleet’s CSA score, and with your fleet in top working order, this will increase driver retention, improve safety records, and possibly reduce your insurance costs.

“If a customer has a specific need, we can custom tailor their program,” says Grahn. “Also, we can provide a turnkey fleet management operation for customers. We can set up and run a maintenance shop for a company, with the latest in tooling, trained maintenance staff, and parts.”

In addition to the existing service shops, the Fleet Management program delivers onsite service in New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, eastern Ohio, and part of Kentucky.

TJ Johnson, General Manager, On-Highway Service, Indel Power Group, runs all truck service facilities and manages major repairs. He feels that opting for a Fleet Management program provides big benefits for customers, allowing them to monitor and carry out preventive maintenance.

“One hour of preventive work can reduce major downfalls that can cause 10 hours of downtime. Oil changes and inspecting trucks in advance to detect problems earlier can eliminate big issues,” he says. “We check the whole system, looking for brake issues, warning lights, leaks, etc. When these issues are ignored, an easy fix that could’ve taken one day can turn into something major that takes 4 to 5 weeks.”

Fleet Management is a powerful tool for the customer, that allows them to see how proper planning can make their business run more smoothly. For example, the software can track coolant level loss and catch the issue before an alarm. The program is computer driven, but owners also get a technician’s eyes on the vehicle to detect problems that the software can’t.

“Management packages can be catered to different fleets, even just one vehicle. We shoot for fixed costs, which could be as basic as oil changes and preventive maintenance, and then pay as you go if there are additional issues,” says Johnson. “It’s really what the customer wants and is less expensive than a full-service lease, where a leasing company may charge more based on providing a guarantee.”

A Fleet Management program from Indel puts the customer in control. The customer sets the dollar threshold for follow up repairs without extending the repair time with an unnecessary approval process. Total cost of maintenance is usually less because the customer is not paying an insurance policy premium for a guaranteed cost.

To learn more about Indel’s Fleet Management Program and how to get started today contact Hank Grahn at 610-291-0931.

About Indel Power Group: Indel Power Group, LLC, is a holding company for Johnson & Towers, Western Branch Diesel, Johnson Truck CenterDovell & WilliamsDiesel Outboard Solutions, and Curtis Power Solutions. Indel Power Group companies operate out of 20+ locations throughout New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Ohio, and Kentucky. These locations supply sales and service for engines, powertrains, and related components to the on-highway, power-generation, oil/ gas, construction & industrial, mining & quarry, and marine markets. The company’s 550 team members include over 220 highly trained service technicians.