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Easy Boating Features Offer Major Benefits to Customers

Man at helm of boat

Johnson & Towers and Western Branch Diesel, part of Indel Power Group, are both authorized Volvo Penta Marine Power Centers in their respective territories. Volvo Penta, a leader in the marine engine industry, offers customers information and convenience at their fingertips through their Easy Boating Features.

“Volvo Penta has unique products that can provide a multitude of information, as well as various control systems that make vessel operation as easy as possible for the boat owner. Johnson & Towers has been the Mid-Atlantic Power Center since 2013, and since our merger with Western Branch Diesel in 2019, we now sell and support the Volvo Penta brand from Savannah to New Jersey,” says JD Messler, Marine Territory Manager, Johnson & Towers. “There are 350 dealers in Indel Power Group’s area of responsibility, and more than 2,700 Volvo Penta dealers nationwide. Many of these dealers are Rapid Response dealers, who meet certain standards and complete training to be a member of the group. Rapid Response means a call back is guaranteed within one hour, and a diagnosis of your issue within 24 hours.”

Some of the Easy Boating Features offered with Volvo Penta engines include:

In addition, the Easy Connect app, first released in 2018, is available with a Volvo Penta engine at purchase, and as an aftermarket product. Easy Connect gives boat operators a dashboard-style overview of the engine, boat, and route data, including navigational maps; ability to share your position; exhaust, water, and oil temperature; coolant, transmission oil, and water pressure; oil and fuel levels; and engine hours.

“The East Connect app can be downloaded for free on your smartphone or tablet. As long as you’re within Bluetooth range of your vessel, information regarding fuel, range, and engine parameters are available. It will even display engine codes that will let your technician immediately diagnose any issue you may experience,” says Messler. “It will enhance the boating experience, when you are onboard, before, during, and after your trip.”

Easy boating was developed by Volvo Penta in the mid-2000s. The goal was to make driving the boat similar in functionality to driving a car. With the goal of standing out from the competition, Volvo Penta’s Easy Boating Features have been developed to do just that.

“Initially, we developed the Integrated Propulsion System to make it easy to dock a boat, since that is where most anxiety resides for boat owners. The joystick docking made it simpler for drivers,” says Arjen Steegstra, Regional Sales Manager, Volvo Penta. “The glass cockpit system provides information about the features of your boat at a glance. Since the Easy Boating Features are designed to make operation more like a vehicle, it’s easy for inexperienced boaters to feel comfortable too.”

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