Generator Rentals

100 kW / 125 kVA

200 kW / 250 kVA

550 kW / 687.5 kVA


1000 kW / 1250 kVA


To the Rescue

When your world goes dark, you can count on our rental solutions to provide you with power.

With mobile units available from 50 kW – 2,000 kW, along with an assortment of transformers and transfer switches, we are there for you every step of the way to keep you going in a crisis.

Delivery to Job Site

Our trailer mounted rental generators are delivered directly to you, making it quick and easy to get power.

Unit Setup

We offer hassle-free setup by our service team connecting and disconnecting each unit.

Fuel Management

Our systems maintain and control fuel consumption to keep you operating glitch-free.


Mobile and on-site service for all of your power needs are available, anytime and anywhere.

Need Power Now?

PG Mission Critical

Mission Critical

When a catastrophe hits, will your backup systems be ready? We offer mission-critical maintenance and service to ensure you are ready to face any crisis that comes your way.
PG Magnetic Fuel

Fuel Polishing

Diesel fuels are inherently unstable and subject to natural deterioration resulting in poor fuel quality, sludge, and acids that can damage engine components and degrade performance.

Ready to learn

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