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Not Just Rebuilt — Reborn


An Allison ReTran is the closest you will get to brand new without the costly purchase of a new transmission. Through the Allison ReTran process, technicians bring transmissions back to life following original factory specifications, using only Allison Genuine Parts where new parts are needed. Allison continues their commitment to quality and innovation as the leading producer of fully automatic transmissions by breathing new life into every ReTran. At Western Branch Diesel, we uphold this promise through adhering to Allison standards through every step of the process. 

Inside a ReTran

All Allison ReTrans take place at one of Allison’s certified re-manufacturing facilities. The transmission is disassembled piece-by-piece to clean, qualify, and test each component for the possibility of reuse. The components that cannot be reused are always replaced with brand-new Allison Genuine Parts, ensuring a more reliable and dependable re-manufactured transmission. Other re-manufactured transmissions can consist of anything from inferior parts to substandard machining to inadequate testing. These unknown variables put people, payloads, performance, and reputation at risk. The short-term savings associated with other rebuilders are not worth the potential long-term expenses to correct mistakes and damages done through substandard re-manufacture work. Never put your people, vehicles, and revenue at risk to save a little upfront; trust Allison for quality that will last.

Bringing It All Together

Every part and process associated with an Allison ReTran is 100% authentic. Only Allison ReTran re-manufactured transmissions follow Allison’s proprietary dynamometer testing to meet original factory specifications. Each ReTran is inspected for quality at each stage of the re-manufacturing process, then measured against stringent wear-limit specs.

CategoriesAllison ReTranNon Genuine
100% Exclusively Allison Genuine Parts  
100% Dynamometer Tested Against Allison Original Specs  
Inspected for Quality At Each Stage of Remanufacturing Process  
Measured Against Stringent Allison Wear-limit Specs  
Thoroughly Leak Tested  
New Genuine Allison Torque Converter on All 1000/2000 Series Transmissions  
Warranty service coverage includes
Removal & Replacement Labor*  
Tested & Residual Fluid ** is TES 295® Certified  
Access to Network of Approximately 1,400 Authorized Distributors & Dealers Globally  
* If installed by Allison Authorized Distributors & Dealers
** Residual fluid remains in the transmission after acceptance testing



Standing Behind Our Work

In the unlikely case of a malfunction, Allison’s worldwide service coverage protects your ReTran. The same service network behind every Allison transmission backs each ReTran with standard two-year, unlimited mileage coverage. Additional two-year ETC Service Coverage is available for purchase to continue coverage. The Allison service network includes more than 1,400 independent distributor and dealer locations worldwide, so there is always a location nearby. Additionally, every ReTran facility is ISO/TS16949, and ISO/14001 certified with the latest TS requirements.

Along with Allison, Western Branch Diesel is committed to getting you back up and running without losing productivity or income from excessive downtime. Contact our service team if your Allison transmission needs a repair or replacement.