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Western Branch Diesel Offers Proven Service, Fully Stocked Volvo Penta Parts and Engines

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“Western Branch Diesel is top in the market for service and parts for Volvo Penta industrial engines and power generators. We’re very versed on Volvo Penta parts and can provide superior support to keep engines and equipment up and running,” says Chad Wells, Industrial Territory Sales Manager, Western Branch Diesel. “We do a lot of service and support in the region on these engines and have some of the top mechanics.”

In addition, Western Branch Diesel offers a full line of new engine and power gen products through their sales department, and works closely with Volvo Penta on engine reconfigurations.

In the off-highway market, Volvo Penta offers a wide range of engines, including meeting the latest in emission requirements with the Tier 4 final and Stage 5 engines. They range from 5-16L, 141-784 horsepower at varying speeds, for construction, agriculture, underground mining, and heavy industrial applications. Standby and prime power generators, also available in 5-16L, are available from 77-640 kWe and offer options for hospitals, farming, forestry, and aggregate equipment.

“Our engines for power generation offer versatility across the range. They are used for standby, emergency power generation in places where you can’t afford to lose power, for example, hospitals and nursing homes,” says Judson McBride, Regional Sales Manager, Volvo Penta Industrial. “For the mobile rental market, there is a full product line of dual-certified, Tier 4 final, variable speed engines that will work with generators at fixed speeds and function appropriately. Another benefit of the Volvo Penta product is nondelegated assembly. An OEM doesn’t have to go through the EPA filing process. It’s just one delivery and we handle everything with the EPA.”

Volvo Penta engines are built on a common platform, making them adaptable, scalable, and flexible. They are low weight, low-fuel consumption, and provide dependable power output. A global dealer network offers the benefit of parts availability anywhere in the world, minimizing downtime.

“Volvo Penta’s Tier 4 engines are relatively easy to get, usually within five to six weeks. They are manufactured in Tennessee, and that’s a huge advantage,” says Wells. “They’re rolling out a dual-certified, Stage 5 engine later in the year that will work anywhere in the world. Volvo Penta has great products for a variety of applications.”

Western Branch Diesel has quick delivery and fast turnaround, with service appointments and parts widely available. Volvo Penta and Western Branch enjoy a strong partnership, with Western Branch Diesel providing a high level of service and support for their products.

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