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StepUP® Overhaul Through Indel Power Group — A Great Option

StepUp Parts

Western Branch Diesel, Johnson & Towers, and Johnson Truck Center, part of the Indel Power Group, offer the Detroit StepUp® program, which provides new life for older trucks. With four overhaul options for the Detroit Series, Series 60®, and MBE 4000 engines, along with improved warranties, owners can extend the life of their engine without replacement. If a truck is still in good condition, overhauling the engine with new, Detroit™ genuine parts, saves owners time and money, and avoids the expense of a new truck.

“The StepUp program is a major savings with four different overhaul levels that are clearly described. The cost flexes depending on the options chosen. We use only genuine, new and OEM remanufactured parts,” says TJ Johnson, General Manager, On-Highway Service. “The Daimler program has been around for many years. All of our certified service shops can work on engines that are a part of this program.”

For businesses with truck fleets, this is an ideal application. Maintaining a schedule for engine overhauls can reduce downtime and costs, with overhauls handled proactively rather than reacting to a breakdown.

Johnson explains that fire departments, motor coach lines, etc., which have a fleet of trucks, can look at the miles on the truck, plus hours on the engine, and make educated maintenance decisions. For example, fire trucks spend a lot of time idling, putting hours on the engine, so an overhaul may need to be done before the mileage reflects it.

“Fleet owners especially like being able to schedule an overhaul for an engine, they can plan for it. Our customers have really liked the outcomes,” says Johnson. “With emission levels getting stricter over past years, keeping an older engine running can be less expensive than buying a new engine. If the truck itself is in good shape, StepUP is a great option.”

When considering the StepUP overhaul, Indel Power Group consults with customers to make sure they understand the options, that overhaul kits are built by Detroit and sent to them for installation, can be packaged with reman transmission work, and Daimler allows the purchase of warranties on vehicles with higher mileage. Some trucks can get up to a three-year, 300,000-mile warranty.

“With a lot of options out there, it’s important for customers to understand what we are quoting for them and that they are comparing pricing in an accurate way. They need to know where their warranty is honored. Our warranties can be used at all authorized locations for Freightliner, Western Star dealers, and Detroit distributors, etc.,” says Richie McClelland, Regional Service Manager. “There are a lot of places to get authorized service in a timely manner.”

Click here to learn more about the StepUP program and download the brochure.