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mtu Engines Through Western Branch Diesel Focus on Program Options

MTU forestry application

One way Western Branch Diesel focuses on customer satisfaction is to offer a wide array of engine choices to our customers. mtu‘s small, industrial engines easily meet the needs of our underground mining, construction, agriculture, and forestry customers with a power range of 134 to 644 horsepower. The engines are dual-emission certified and meet the EPA Tier 4 Final and European Stage 5 requirements.

“Rolls-Royce is a great company that we work with to develop solutions based on mtu engines that fit a customer’s needs and specifications. Whether it’s horsepower, cooling systems, or where to plumb for auxiliary equipment, we work through 3D modeling to build an engine that matches what they need,” says Chad Wells, Territory Manager, Western Branch Diesel. “After the customer receives the engine, we’re there to provide support with access to parts and service, across the country.”

Feedback from customers has been positive. Some benefits that customers are seeing from the mtu engines are better fuel economy, longer maintenance intervals, and lighter weight than others in the same category, resulting in a better power-to-weight ratio. There is more torque, allowing the engines to get up to speed quickly, while working at a lower RPM range for improved efficiency.

Rolls-Royce’s customer-focused approach includes unique programs, including a first-time purchase discount and a test consignment program. The consignment program is designed to provide feedback and improve engines for specific applications.

“We, along with Western Branch Diesel, want to keep the customer happy, addressing all of their needs, and help them to find an engine that works perfectly for their application,” says Scott Kleman, Senior Applications Engineer, Construction, Industrial, & Agricultural Engines, Rolls-Royce Solutions America Inc.

When purchasing an mtu engine from Western Branch Diesel, you’re buying easy accessibility to 24/7 service with factory-trained technicians, who can come to you, as well as convenient part availability throughout the company’s network.

For more information about mtu engines and programs, contact our Industrial Sales team.