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High-Quality Service Experience from Indel Power Group

J&T WBD service technician

Working from several locations around the East Coast, Johnson & Towers and Western Branch Diesel, members of Indel Power Group, strive to provide the highest quality service to their marine customers. The company has more than 20 factory-trained and certified marine technicians ready to provide service and parts for commercial vessels, ranging from ferries and tugs, to pleasure crafts, including yachts, sportfishing and ski boats.

“When serving our customers, communication and professionalism is the key. If you leave a voicemail in the service department, our goal is to call you back within 10 to 15 minutes. It’s important for us to be upfront, listen, and gather information. We aim to diagnose service needs in 24 hours or less, and then schedule a repair, if needed,” says David Shook, General Service Manager, Marine, Indel Power Group. “We try to make our customers comfortable, especially if they don’t know us well. We want them to feel at ease.”

Part of their exceptional communication efforts center around regular service updates for the customer. Throughout the service process, the service advisor will provide updates about the initial service evaluation and diagnosis, any parts and repairs that are needed, and the next steps needed for project completion.

“We want to get our customers taken care of quickly. Over the past years, we’ve established some strong, long-standing relationships with our customers. They have good relationships with our techs and service advisors,” says Shawn Lozy, Marine Service Advisor, Portsmouth, Virginia, Indel Power Group. “We have customers who bring their boats to us from Florida, and we’ve flown our technicians all over the world. We want our customers to be happy and come back.”

Indel Power Group strives to be a problem solver for all. If they don’t offer a particular service, they will make a recommendation for service in the area or an alternative to assist the customer. “If there is a special situation, and we can’t help them for some reason, we aren’t going to brush the customer off. We’ll find help for them,” says Shook. “For the majority of service needs, Indel Power Group is there and can take care of most any issue.”

Aside from a focus on communication, quality care is at the forefront. When technicians enter the vessel for repair, they remove their shoes or wear covers. They will cover equipment and surfaces, including the ceiling, to protect them from potential scratches or scrapes, and place heavy-duty floor coverings on the floor. Their goal is to leave the work area better than how they found it. A marine service foreman will visit the vessel before the project is deemed complete to perform a quality-check inspection, to make sure everything is clean, wiped down, and in order.

“I tell the technicians to make the service area inside the vessel look cleaner than before you arrived,” says Shook. “They really enjoy getting commended for a job well done and take pride in their work.”

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